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What does "Black Lives Matter" really mean?

“Black Lives Matter” is an acknowledgment that the Black community continues to face undue hardship as a result of economic and political persecution throughout American history, leading to an oppressive cycle of pain and death that is perpetuated today by overwhelming societal apathy.

In layman’s terms the Black community has spent the last few centuries being robbed, beaten and left for dead. “Black Lives Matter” is both the community making it known that they will be beaten no more, and also a call to our fellow Americans, a request to come help us treat the wounds instead of continuing to pass us by.

The methods by which this cycle is broken, and wounds are treated, are up for debate. What isn’t up for debate is the underlying truth that the Black community didn’t get to this point by accident, it was by design, and the man-made fault line is race. We need to identify this rightly at that fault line to address it properly, hence “Black” being specifically called out.

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